Mac OS X Snow Leopard to get malware detection

Apple is set to introduce malware detection in its upcoming OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard update, beta users are reporting.Only late last year, Apple finally

Only late last year, Apple finally gave in and advised its users to get antivirus software due to the increase of malware attacks on Mac machines.

Now it's gone as far as to integrate some simple malware detection into its operating system, that alerts a user when an infected DMG is downloaded.

It then warns the user not to install the software and advises them to bin the disk image to be sure.

However the only flaw with this appears to be that the it currently only catches two known security risks, and only through common apps such as Entourage, Safari, Firefox and iChat.

Any infected content brought to the computer using a USB key, or similar removeable media, will be able to squeeze through undetected.

Over to you Mac owners out there – do you use antivirus on your Mac? What do you think to the malware detection addition? Let us know below.