Mac Mini - not dead after all?

Just a few days back, Apple fans in a financial bind were mourning the loss the much-loved Mac Mini. But like Nikki Six and Ozzy Osbourne before it, i says it has it on good authority that Steve Jobs has been hunkered down and preparing a new version of the Mac Mini, to replace the very model that suited-up retailers couldn't get their hands on earlier this week. New features will include the superdrive now found in all MacBooks and MacBook Pros, up to 4GB of RAM and a new Mini DisplayPort.

Apparently the Mac MIni is still shifting at a fast pace, but resellers remain insistent that they can't place their hands on one at the moment. It now appears though that this is just Apple clearing out their stocks and readying a new edition, which will surely be unveiled at MacWorld in January. Skint Apple fans, rejoice!