Mac Mini and iMac now pinned for release today

First we all thought it was going to be at Macworld. Then word came the new iMac and Mac Mini would be landing on 24 March. And now the rumour mill re, which has a good track record of outing precise times and exact models, says four new iMac models and two editions of the Mac Mini, will be up for grabs three weeks earlier than first thought.

The four iMacs will range from a 20in basic version to a 24in "ultimate" edition. The Mac Mini will come in two flavours, one a pared down model similar to the current box, the other a pricier beefed up machine.

Specs for the latter are said to include 5 USB ports, a mini DVI, 2GB of RAM, 320GB HDD and Nvidia graphics.

We're keeping our ears to the ground and putting out the feelers, so stay tuned for more iMac and Mac Mini news as it happens.