Mac App Store does a million downloads in a day

It's not without its faults, but Apple's desktop app outlet is doing a roaring trade regardless

People said the iPad was a solution in search of a problem, but Apple went on to sell three million tablets in the first 80 days. You could say the same of the new Mac App Store, but it’s already on track to pull off similar success – over a million apps have been downloaded in its first day.

Apple hasn’t disclosed how many of those were paid apps (we’d imagine the lion’s share were free), but it’s an impressive tally and – should it become the default software portal for Mac users – could once again leave the rest of the industry struggling to keep pace.

We’re first to admit that we gorged ourselves on apps on day one, out of curiosity more than a geniune desire to use them. But we drew the line at paying £3 to play Angry Birds (a game developed with touchscreens in mind) with a mouse. If the Mac App Store expects us to pay for games like Canabalt (which you can play for free on the likes of Kongregate) in future, we might actually start rioting. Quietly, of course.

Kudos to Apple, though – the Mac App Store does streamline the process of buying, downloading and installing apps. It does make sense to be able to install components of iLife and iWork selectively. And those figures suggest that the Mac clan are lining up with their digital wallets stuffed with cash from the Bank of iTunes.

What do you think? Did you sit up all night filling your Mac with all the apps you could download? Or are you resolutely refusing to engage with a service that’s engineered to part you from your money? Boil over in the comments below…