Lytro unveils the world’s first light field camera

Photographically challenged snappers need fret no more, thanks to the wonders of science

It’s not very often that one of our next big things sees the light of day, but Lytro has broken tradition by actually unveiling the world’s first infinite focus light field camera.

The unconventional snapper comes clad in a rather pretty anodised aluminium body (available in different colours) and will offer an f/2 8x zoom lens as well as a 11-mega-ray light-field to power the infinite focus.

Although the name makes it sounds like a comic book villain, the Lytro camera’s magical innards are rather clever. It lets you focus on different parts of photos after you’ve taken them, ensuring that wrongly-focused subjects are a thing of the past.

The 8GB and 16GB versions of the Lytro can be snapped up for US$400 and US$500 respectively and can be pre-ordered for shipment early next year.

UK pricing details and release dates have yet to be announced, but you can test out some post-shot focusing right here to satisfy your gadget lust for the time being.

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