Lytro is no longer just for Mac users

The future of photography is now open to everyone – not just those with Apple computer-shaped kit

Lytro, one of just two cameras in our 2012 Cool List and reviewed in depth here, wowed us with its futuristic refocusing skills (thanks to clever light field photography tech) but left us scratching our heads over a few niggles.

Niggle Number One is still the fact that there's not much sign of the Lytro in these parts of the world. Niggle Number Two was the Mac-only support for viewing, sharing and playing around with your snaps.

Well Lytro has at least fixed the second problem – it has just announced support for Windows for anyone who has got a machine running Windows 7 with 2GB of RAM and an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or above.

Lytro also announced a tripod mount and a USB wall charger for accessorizing your next-gen snapper. We'll keep you posted over international releases as if you've got any sense, you should want this unassuming-looking toy camera more than ever.

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