A Lytro camcorder could be right around the corner

The future looks bright (and focused) for blurry home videos…

The Lytro camera turned plenty of heads in the techo-sphere with its impressive light field technology which lets you focus on different subjects in a photograph after it's been taken.

Now Director of Photography Eric Cheng has got us all in a tizzy again, by revealing to The Verge that there is no reason why a light field based video camera cannot be made.

It's a logical step in the right direction for the up and coming imaging company and we reckon it could revolutionise 3D video within the next ten years, possibly doing away with the need for clumsily dual-lens cameras once and for all.

We'll keep a close eye on Lytro's labs for the latest developments and let you know the minute we catch a glimpse of any fancy new tech, as always.

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