Lumi lets you print on fabric using light

See something you want on a t-shirt? Snap it, print it, leave it dye-coated in the sun and you’re done

We get a bit of sun and suddenly the news is all solar windows and world record setting solar powered flights. Now Lumi, a printing system that uses the sun, has come to light. Oh yeah, we went there.

Lumi is a US$70 (£45) Kickstarter project, well over-funded, that lets you snap pics on your iPhone using its app and print them on fabric. And with eighties retro stepping aside for nineties cool, what better way to embrace it than printing your own t-shirts?

Say you’ve found hipster gold – a green fixie bike featuring brown saddle and all – you simply snap it, preview it in any of the three colours available then print it off on the supplied transparent film.

Applying the red, orange, or blue dye to the picture on material, like a t-shirt, and leaving it in the sun will result in a cool personalised print that’s wash-proof – if not Hoxtonite drool-proof.

[Via Kickstarter]

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