Lovefilm offers three months of unlimited streaming for £4.99

The UK movie streaming giant is fighting back against Netflix's onslaught. Isn't competition wonderful?

Lovefilm is serving up a mighty tempting three months' worth of unlimited movie streaming for a mere £4.99 in a response to the recent launch of Netflix in the UK, which offers a standard unlimited streaming service for £5.99 a month (with the first month free).

Although Netflix's initial catalogue of flicks could be a bit better, it's certainly got the firepower and potential to trouble Lovefilm – hence the recent promotion.

After the three months' period is up you'll be reverted to a £7.99 a month plan with the option to cancel your subscription at any time – click here for the sign up page and all the details to get you started.

Overall it's good news for film buffs and we look forward to more wooing attempts by both streaming giants as they battle each other for our hard-earned cash.

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