Lovefilm bags exclusive streaming of Universal Pictures movies

Amazon's streaming wing adds more titles to the ever growing list of Lovefilm-only movies – are the days of Netflix numbered?

For any cinema geeks still on the fence in the battle between Lovefilm and Netflix, you might be in luck if you fancy streaming F1 flick Senna, comic book movies Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim vs The World or CIA sequel Bourne Legacy.

You'll find exclusive titles on both rival services but even though Netflix has managed to snaffle MGM and Lionsgate UK (The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, Reservoir Dogs and The Expendables 2), Lovefilm has won over most of the big boys, now including Universal Pictures.

The new 'multi-year' deal means that Lovefilm viewers get access to new NBCUniversal flicks to add to exclusives from Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Disney, Entertainment One and STUDIOCANAL. Put it this way: Lovefilm's winning the schmoozing war.

For a head to head of the subscriptions and movie catalogues of the two services, check out our Netflix vs Lovefilm comparison.

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