Lost and in agony? Time to Send4help

[intro] I remember the pain of breaking my leg and then having to walk home. This new GPS gizmo would have been rather useful at the time…[/intro]

I saw an excellent idea for a service called on t’internet recently. The idea is that, like an adult version of the time you pretended to be asleep so your parents would carry you from the car to bed, you can just press a panic button and a team of people will arrive and, well, carry you home.

Imagine my pleasure, then, at being introduced to a real life equivalent this week called Send4help. Billed as the ‘UK’s first Complete Personal Safety Service’, the system doesn’t send out teams to carry you, but combines a pocket-sized GPS device with a 24-hour support centre.

What’s this got to do with sport? Well, just have a look at this poor chap. If, like him, you’ve just stacked it in the middle of a forest, you can just press a button on the, ahem, SkyMinder 500 (below), and your position is beamed to a controller who can pinpoint your position to about 10 metres.

They’ll then contact the emergency services with any medical info you’ve supplied or, if they’re unavailable, call a National Response Service who’ll come out for an hourly charge of £80 (there’s apparently about two people available per post code).

I didn’t get a device to try outside the demo, but it seemed to work smoothly enough. The unit’s battery will apparently go for a minimum of 14 hours per charge, and there’s no limit on the number of times you call the Emergency Response Centre.

The only downside is the price – at £200 for the SkyMinder and £20 per month for the subscription, you need to be very worried, nay paranoid, about your personal safety. Still, it’s a good Christmas pressie for Auntie Mavis.