The London 2012 Olympics according to Twitter

Twitter’s been poking about in its analytics to bring us the social specs on the greatest show on Earth. Usain Bolt, unsurprisingly, takes gold

As London pats itself on the back for a job well done, Twitter’s keen not to be left out of the party. In its own words, “Twitter was your front row seat for the Olympics.”

But that’s not idle braggardry – Twitter’s got stats to back up its claims, boasting more than 150 million Olympic-flavoured tweets during the Games.

Gold and silver medals (measured in tweets per minute, or tpm) went to Usain Bolt with over 80,000tpm for his 200m sprint and more than 74,000tpm for his 100m dash. Bronze also went to a Brit, as Andy Murray brought home the goods on the tennis court to the tune of 57,000tpm.

Bolt also took the top step of the podium for most discussed athlete, followed by American swimming machine Michael Phelps and Brit diver Tom Daley.

Off the track and out of the pool, the opening and closing ceremonies hit it off on social media, with the Spice Girls chalking up more than 116,000tpm during their valedictory performance.

You can catch up on the rest of the stats at Twitter’s blog. Then maybe lay off tweeting so much for a while, eh? It’s another four years till Rio.

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