Logitech's premium Guitar Hero axe rocks up

As those of you obsessed with poodle rock, twirling drumsticks and howling out Since You've Been Gone already know, Guitar Hero World Tour is taking p

But if you're planning on lashinf out on the game, you'll probably be wanting this new fake axe from Logitech. The Premiere Edition of their Wireless Guitar Controller has a real wood neck, touch sensitive slider, metal frets and rosewood finger board.

Touchy slider aside, that's the kind of thing every guitar hero from the godlike Jimmy Page to the woeful Gem Archer from Oasis expects on their proper instruments. Not the kind of thing you'd think would show up on the controller for an albeit popular computer game.

It's only going to play nice with the PS2 and PS3, with Rock Band fans also being frozen out. And the cost? $250 in the US. Grab it now, or just buy a proper one and form a band instead.


Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller, Premiere Edition

Price: £250

On sale: Now

Contact: Logitech