Logitech readies slimline Illuminated Keyboard

Keyboard one-upmanship has become a favourite sport here at Stuff Towers, with the finger–friendly Logitech Wave currently the object of our som

So we’re rather darn excited about Logitech’s latest offering, the super–thin Illuminated Keyboard. Obvious moniker aside, this 9.3mm effort is thinner than Sony’s latest top–notch tellies and is backlit so you can bash out Facebook updates without peering at the keys by lamplight.

You get a palm rest to keep your wrists from going an Alex Ferguson shade of red and media keys for accessing any bumph you want to watch or listen when you should be working.

It’s out in October for a quid under £50. Ok, it’s a lot for a ‘board, but what price typing supremacy, eh?


Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Price: £49

On sale: October

Contact: Logitech