Logitech launches Ultimate Ear 700 headphones

If you're going to listen to music, you really should listen to it the way those who made it intended.That's what Logitech has aimed for with its new

That's what Logitech has aimed for with its new Ultimate Ears 700 noise-isolating headphones, apparently serving up the same audio quality used by 75% of the world's touring artists.

With a compact in-ear design (each earphone sizes up smaller than a 5p coin), the headphones come with a bevvy of silicone and foam ear cushions so you can choose the fit that works best.

This way, you'll be able to block out all noise up to 26dB, meaning you can devote all your attention to your music and not all the clatter going on around you.

A standard celebrity endorsement backs them up – Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz apparently "loves 'em", just in case that's going to sway your decision any.

The Ultimate Ears 700 are touted for release in mid-April, with a price tag of £149.99. That's more than double the price of Snoop Dogg's headphones...