Loewe TVs to offer built-in Blu-ray

Loewe makes ultra-smart, ultra-advanced televisions like the media-streaming Connect 37, but it seems the German firm is not doing any laurel-resting

The tech tikes over at Electricpig caught up with CEO Frieder Lohrer and quizzed him about the future of his company's tellies. And while he said Loewe is content to stick with LCD rather than switch up to a newer technology like OLED, he was positive when it came to built-in Blu-ray. "It's a technique that we foresee not for the year 2008," he said. "But I would assume for early 2010."

So not too long. Of course, by that time Blu-ray spinners could be as cheap as those pocket money Chinese DVD players you see in Tesco's...