Loewe Individual goes 3D

The German deluxe TV maker puts its specs on and joins the 3D revolution

Loewe has finally brought its Bavarian attention to detail and stylish precision to the 3D party with a new Individual 46 Compose 3D TV. The 46-incher packs a host of useful tech and although it’s a standard active shutter glasses affair, the 400Hz refresh rate coupled with full HD LED backlit technology should ensure jaw dropping visuals. There’s also 2D to 3D conversion and a handy 500GB HDD to record broadcast 3D content. If your wallet will make the (admittedly unlikely) stretch to two compatible sets, then recorded content can also be streamed from one set to another. Throw in the home streaming MediaPortal  and MediaNet web content and we have a TV that’s got brains as well as looks, which goes some way to explaining the £4100 price tag. Too much? A planned 40in model should save you a few quid. Made it into the Rich List 2011? You can hold out for the forthcoming 55in Individual Compose 3D.

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