Live Stuff: the Sky Broadband launch

(refresh this page for up-to-the-minute updates)12.20 - Our man from Sky reckons its new broadband's going to be an easy sell for its existing punters

(refresh this page for up-to-the-minute updates)

12.20 - Our man from Sky reckons its new broadband's going to be an easy sell for its existing punters

12.23 - So here are the packages (updates coming through, click to refresh)

  • Base - Free to Sky punters 2Mb, 2GB usage a month, £50 to get it installed by Sky's network of installer chaps and chapettes, £40 connection fee

  • Mid - £5 for Sky customers upto 8Mb, 40GB a month, £50 install, £20 connection fee

  • Max - £10 for anyone on Sky already upto 16Mb, unlimited usage, free install, free connection

12.25 - This is quite cool. All three packages come with a free Wi-Fi router.

12.26 - And you get McAffee's full security suite for free. We'll find out exactly which version in a jiffy.

12.27 - all this is going to be available to 28 per cent of the population, half of households by Xmas, 70 per cent by Christmas 2007.

12.30 - there's also an 8GB package for non-Sky customers - more details shortly.

12.31 - and...the sucker punch: a personalised Sky web page. You'll also get webmail (cutting edge stuff).

12.33 - they're firing all guns now, announcing Sky Talk, a £5-a-month telephone package with unlimited evening and weekend calls to landlines. If you're in Sky's areas, you'll pay £9 line rental a month, two quid cheaper than BT.

12.40 - According to Sky, its customers could be saving two billion pounds over the next eighteen months to two years if they all switch to Sky's new broadband and TV offerings.

12.41 - All looks pretty cool so far, though the fact that the good deals are currently limited to 28 per cent of us is a tad disappointing. Roll it out to the rest of us! The 2GB cap's on the Base deal is pretty small, too.

12.42 - The offer's open to any Sky customer, from £15-a-month packages and upwards to the fat £40 ones.

12.43 - They're talking now about connecting Sky Broadband up to the Sky HD box in the 'near future', which'll presumably herald on-demand videos.

12.45 - Every Sky+ box in the future will have an Ethernet socket

12.46 - The Sky Talk deal actually means paying £11 a month to BT for line rental until Sky unbundles more exchanges in 2007.

12.47 - What percentage of households will get the 16Mb service? Sky's guessing over half the UK's households.

12.50 - How fast is Sky spreading its broadband coverage? Apparently around 30 exchanges a week.

12.57 - If you're not in Sky's broadband areas, you can get Sky Connect via your standard BT line.Once your exchange gets upgraded to Sky's broadband network, you'll automatically get jumped onto one of its cheaper Base, Mid or Max packages.

12.58 - If you've got Sky already, it'll be sending you a letter in the next couple of days to let you know if you're in its coverage.

12.59 - Is it Mac compatible? Yes, though you get different McAffe software on a Mac. Sky By Broadband's also coming out for Macs this August.