Live mob TV due this month

And you won't even need a 3G phone to watch it. Rok Ent, the company that's already brought us memory card mobile movies, is going to launch a live, multi-channel TV service for smartphones before October. Read on for the full details

It's the sort of talk that could get it sectioned, but Rok Ent is adamant it's going to launch a live TV service for 2.5G phones by the end of the month.

We've no idea how the company's going to squeeze - Rok's words - 'superb quality 15fps video' over GPRS, but we're damn excited at the prospect.

The service will consist of 10 channels at launch, five of which will be live streams happening at the same time as normal broadcasts. For a £10-per-month sub you'll be able to watch a TBA quota of airtime. Rok will offer the first three months for free.

There will also be premium, video-on-demand content with movies and sports. Again, details are yet to be announced.

To watch the TV service, you'll need a Series 60 phone (such as the N90, pictured) and a GPRS contract on any network. Windows Mobile phones and Sony Ericsson's P910i are expected to be supported shortly.

More details as we get 'em.