Live from the launch of the B&O Beosound 5

16.10 CET I'm sitting in the Copenhagen Opera House waiting to witness the launch of the Bang & Olufsen Beosound 5. There's a sense of anticipatio

Certainly, B&O hasn't yet fully embraced the digital revolution. 

16.15  After a brief introduction, we're being subjected to a sensory attack from three screens and a very loud PA that seems to be telling us that musical genres have their own colour - jazz is pink, hip-hop blue...

16.24 Phew, it's over; the Beosound 5 is unveiled and it looks... as weird as you'd expect. It's a black screen approximately the size of a 15in LCD , with a circular control on the right that allows you to access your digital music.

16.31 The Beosound5 digital music system features MOTS, a bit of software that is designed to 'release your music from confines of album or genre'. The idea is that you choose a track with the circular control, and this 'sows a seed' - the rest of your music is analysed a playlist created. A bit like Apple's Genius, then, but with even more hyperbole.

16.40 Haptics have been used in the interface - B&O even used a psychologist to ensure that the UI had that special sense of B&O 'magic'. Apparently, the covers are the exact size that your brain will instantly recognice (ie tiny).

17.00 I've now just managed to get hands on with the Beosound 5, which is a 10in screen controlled by a number of different elements on the circular control on the  right of the screen. Most important - and coolest of all - is a 'laser' pointer that's controlled by a lever behind the main circle. This allows you to choose from covers, artists or songs and perfectly matches where your fingers are aiming (I'll post a video soon - it's almost impossible to explain).

17.05 All you music is stored in a separate 'black box' hard drive, which is connected to the display by Ethernet. The display can be wall mounted or put on a stand. It definitely has that elusive Bang & Olufsen wow factor - as well as that sense that this is a plaything for the extremely well heeled. Which begs the question... what am I doing here?