Live from Berlin: Loewe TVs get personal

Want your 32in LCD to have faux mahogany sides? Or perhaps you'd like solid red colour or mosaic-style blue tiles? Loewe has a new Individual flat TV with your name on it


Throughout today Stuff will be reporting live from the IFA gadget show in Berlin

So the flat telly's finally entered the era of iPod-style modding.

We've just been oggling Loewe's gorgeous new Individual range of 26 and 32in LCD TVs and reckon we've seen the future for flat tellies: personalisation.

In a sea of silver and black screens, Loewe's custom range stands out - some are mounted on Pole Dancing-type poles while others are finished with bright orange or faux wood side panels. It sounds garish, but the designs are actually pretty good.

Both the 26 and 32 inch versions are HD-ready and have built-in digital tuners so you can enjoy the joys of The Mighty Boosh on Freeview. The High-Def pictures we've seen today are incredible - the viewing angle seems particularly impressive. Handy for those Homer moments when everyone you know comes round to watch the footie.

They're out later this month for prices that are currently TBC. In the meantime, have a play with the LOEWE 'Configurator'.