Live from Berlin: Kiss Wi-Fi plasma in UK 'by Xmas'

This is one of those Michael Owen Newcastle stories. For the past two years we've been hearing rumours, Chinese whispers and coded messages that Kiss's Wi-Fi plasma was about to go on sale. Now it looks like it's finally going to happen

Throughout today Stuff will be reporting live from the IFA gadget show in Berlin

After years doing the rounds at shows across the world it looks like Kiss's wireless music- and video-streaming TV will appear in shops before Christmas.

That's what we've just been told by the smart Danish chaps from Kiss.

The telly itself has morphed into two versions, the original 42in and a tasty 55in offering. We saw the two streaming high definition 1080p - the highest of the high-def - Windows Media Video clips from a PC via Ethernet.

On one occasion it worked flawlessly but the second time there was some iffy stuttering going on. Kiss assures us it'll be all patched up and ready to rock by the time it goes on sale.

The TVs also sport built-in DVD drives, plus all the usual Kiss malarkey such as DivX playback and web radio streaming.

Pricing's still to be confirmed.

DivX recording by 2006

In other news the Kissters let slip that DVD/HD recorders that encode in DivX will finally appear in 2006. That means you'll be able to fit in nearly four times as much footage as current models.

Freeview versions of the DP-600 and DP-608

This isn't official, but word has it that Kiss is also working on digital tuner versions of these two fine recorders. Glad tidings if you're not keen on paying for Sky or cable to watch extra channels.