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LIVE from the Apple Launch… pt 2

18.40 It's over. So, no Mac Mini PVR, no Apple Plasma... just Intel-powered laptops and iMacs. They look good, and the speed improvements are huge - b

18.40 It’s over. So, no Mac Mini PVR, no Apple Plasma… just Intel-powered laptops and iMacs. They look good, and the speed improvements are huge – but it’s going to take a long time before all the software runs natively on Intel processors.

Now we’re to have a play…

18.35 The MacBook Pro looks like an old Powebook, but aside from a new processor and camera it has some other additions – like infra-red, so you can run Apple’s Front Row application. It also has a magnetic power adapter that comes away from the computer if someone trips over the wire – saving your mac from going flying to the floor. It has a DVI video out. Available in 2 models – $1999 with 1.67GHz Intel Core Duo, 512MB RAM, Superdrive, Wi-Fi – plus a $2499 model with 1.83GHz processor. Ships Februrary.

18.33 It has a 15.4in display that’s as bright as the Apple Cinema Displays, and an iSight camera built in. Just like those old Sony Vaios, then!

18.32 Intel Core Duo processors in every MacBook Pro. That means a 4-5x speed improvement over the Powerbook G4 (although this doesn’t take into account disc speeds etc which will slow the thing down).

18.31 One more thing The Powerbooks! They’re going Intel too – Steve is showing how the Powerbook G4 has 0.27 performance per Watt of energy – the core duo is 1.05 Performance Per Watt. Welcome to the MacBook Pro…

18.30GMT the whole Mac line will move to Intel by the end of 2006. We’re shown an ad that says the Intel chips are set free from being trapped in “dull little boxes” (ie Windows PCs).

18.26 two versions of the new Intel Core Duo iMac – 1.83Ghz 17in for $  and 2.0GHz 20in model for $1699. Available today.

18.24 Steve is demonstrating Photoshop and Office running under Rosetta emulation – ie the old Power PC application running on an Intel machine. They seem to run at a decent speed, but power users will want new versions as soon as possible “The performance isn’t going to be good enough for a professional,” admits Steve. But they he blows the audience away with the speed of Safari.

18.21 Microsoft are onstage explaining the new version of Office is in the works, and will continue to be developed for a minimum of 5 years. For now, the suite runs under emulation on Intel Macs.

18.18 All the consumer Apple software is Intel native. The Pro apps will come very soon, but there will be a ‘crossgrade’ charge of $49.

18.11 The intel Macs are here… and surprisngly, it’s the iMacs that are going first, despite the fact it was updated only a couple of months ago. But the new iMac has Intel Core Duo processor and apparently it runs 2-3 times faster.

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