LIVE from the Apple Launch

Reporting live from the Apple iPod launch event - where the Motorola iTunes phone has been revealed. And that's not all... the iPod line is changing too, with the end of the iPod mini, which is being replaced by the much cooler  iPod Nano

Steve Jobs is onstage in San Francisco, and has revealed the Motorola iTunes phone - the ROKR - as well as a new version of the iTunes software He's also talking about change in the iPod line

The iPod Nano looks like a full-size iPod but it fits in your coin pocket - 1000 songs in a tiny, tiny device - it's thinner than a pencil and 80% smaller by volume than the iPod. it's around the same shape as the mini, but a quarter as thick. It weighs 42g.

In fact, the iPod Nano is even thinner than the motorola RAZR - and still has a colour screen, clickwheel and photo functionality. It's pretty stunning.

The 4GB model is available for US$250, while the 2GB is US$200. And best of all, its available in cool piano black as well as white. And they're available at the weekend!

Here are the highlights of his speech:

- Honda, Accura, Audi and VW are all adding iPod connectivity to their cars

- iPod outselling the PSP by a ratio of 3:1 worldwide

- 2m songs now in the iTunes library

- 10m accounts on iTunes - so ave user has purchased 60 songs

- launch of Harry Potter iPod with Hogwarts crest on back

- all of Madonna's music to be available through iTMS

- iTunes 5.0 set for launch - with a new look, the ability to organise playlists into folders, and a better search bar. There's also a Outlook sync for PC and a 'Smart Shuffle' feature to stop random playing the same artist in a row. Oh, and parental controls.

- iTunes phone is revealed - Motorola ROKR - which looks like a standard Moto phone (alas not a V3) with iTunes software. It downloads music from your PC or Mac via USB.

- The exclusive network partner in the US is Cingular

- Contrary to previous reports, the phone won't allow over-the-air iTunes downloads

- The iPod Nano will be available almost immediately