The littlest Bluetooth game controller fits on your keyring

Game on the go with the iMpulse Game Controller

Touchscreens just don't cut it for anything more than casual games – and with full-on gaming experiences like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to mobile devices, Bluetooth games controllers are becoming the go-to solution for gamers on the move.

Since stuffing a Sixaxis controller in your pocket isn't really an option, iMpulse has come to the rescue with its Bluetooth Game Controller – a gamepad so small it'll fit on your keyring.

The Kickstarter-funded project has made double its US$50,000 goal, with five days still on the clock. The dinky iMpulse features a Nintendo DS-style circle pad, four buttons and two rear-mounted trigger buttons – more than enough for most games, and it's not as if they can feasibly cram dual triggers on there.

As well as working with an array of Android games and iCade-compatible iOS games, iMpulse doubles up as a media remote – and since it'll be attached to your keychain, it also functions as a key finder using a handy app. The iMpulse also comes with the iMpulSleeve, which doubles up as a stand for your phone.

While it might be a bit cramped for long-term use, the iMpulse looks like it'll be a godsend for mobile gaming on short trips.

[via Wired]

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