Little help

We're Xboxed up to the eyeballs, but we still have a place in our hearts for the PS2, especially when it cracks out titles as good as Gran Turismo 4. Trouble is, it's such an exhaustive game that a guide is almost essential. That's why we're rather enamou

So, Gran Turismo 4: universally regarded as one of the finest driving games ever produced, pushing the PS2 to its very limits as a games console. But it's really, really big.

There's over 700 cars and over 50 courses to choose from, with every road car-drivable terrain imaginable. It's all a bit daunting unless you have a nice book like Piggyback's official GT4 guide available to show you the way. It'll tell you how to unlock every car, win every gold licence and perform the right car mods. It'll even tell you how to drive.

Of course, this could be considered cheating. But, really, wouldn't you be cheating yourself not to get one, and to toil for days and weeks attempting to complete the game without any external help whatsoever? No. That's what gaming's all about. But head to Piggyback's website for more details anyway, you cheat.