List of apps optimised for the iPad 3's Retina Display grows

iTunes shows off a 25-strong list of apps that have been jazzed up for the new tablet’s Retina Display

The new iPad 3 (reveiwed here) is on sale today, and those lucky enough to bag a launch day tablet will doubtless be heading to the App Store to pick up some new software. Helpfully Apple has listed 25 apps in addition to the few that were reported yesterday that have already been reworked and optimised for the iPad 3’s 2048 x 1536 screen.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that games make up a sizeable proportion of the optimised selection, with fantasy slash-fest Infinity Blade 2, Mass Effect Infiltrator, Real Racing 2 HD and Foosball HD on offer.

But it’s not all mindless fun: Barefoot World Atlas is now available at an eyeball-slicingly sharp resolution, along with painting app SketchBook Pro, photo yourself app IncrediBooth, RSS feed-wrangler The Early Edition and, er, cookie recipe collection Martha Stewart Cookies.

Head over to the App Store to check out the full list, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple expands it beyond the 25 there at the time of writing as more apps get the Retina Display treatment.

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