Liquid metal Apple iPhone 5 release date slated for September

Time to don your iPhone 5 rumour hats once again, as fresh whisperings of Apple's next gen iPhone surface

The Apple iPhone 5 will be made out of a new liquid metal alloy which should result in a thinner, lighter device which is more resistant to impact damage, if reports by Korean ETNews are to be believed.

Yes, the thought of a T-1000 phone do seem a little far-fetched, but Apple did aquire the rights to Liquidmetal technologies back in 2010, so it could only be a matter of time before a phone made out of the new wonder-material pops up.

The report also claims that the new iPhone 5 will be unveiled at Apple's WWDC in June, with a September-October release date, so it might be best to hold off upgrading to an iPhone 4S for the time being at least.

This is by no means the first, (or last) iPhone 5 rumour, so if you want the whole bunch of speculation in one go then check out our Apple iPhone 5 rumour round up.

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