Linn Majik DS streamer gives CDs the heave–ho

Audio buffs are always happy to point out that CDs make MP3s and the like sound weedier than the noise cranked out from a scally's mobile. But this sh

Built by audiophiles Linn, this sleek new device will grab formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF and FLAC and beef them up to a sound you won't even get with your common–or–garden CD.

It fits straight into your hi–fi and then pulls tracks from your PC before playing them out through your top–notch speaker set up. You can even hook it up directly to a power amplifier.

You can scroll through tracks, albums, artists and genres and cue up to as many as 1,000 tracks, plenty for a tiresome pre–Christmas dinner party or just your average New Year's booze fest.

You can nab yourself one now, but you'll need to stump up a not insubstantial £1,750 for the privilege. Still, trade in your CD player before 31 December, and they'll knock off 10 per cent. You can't argue with that.


Linn Majik DS

Price: £1,750

On sale: Now

Contact: Linn