Line 6 Mobile In steps up the iOS guitar amp modelling game

Studio kit pioneers announce new rock recipe: download app, don Spandex unitard, shred

The Line 6 Mobile In (and its accompanying POD app) are stepping in to crush the likes of AmpliTube’s iRig. How? With decades of studio craft tightly packed into a neat package that puts your home studio in your pocket.

Line 6’s pedigree in effect simulation and amp modelling means you’ll be able to plug your guitar into your iPhone or iPad (via the Mobile In interface), then bust out some licks via a range of 64 famous amp, cab and effects sims.

The company reckons the Mobile In unit and POD app have fixed problems existing products have with headphone feedback, latency and sound quality, supporting up to 24-bit/48KHz digital audio. And the interface will work with other CoreAudio guitar apps including GarageBand for iPad.

The POD app is free, but you’ll need to shred £65 to get hold of the Mobile In interface when it launches in the next couple of months. It’ll also come with a six-foot guitar lead.


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