Limited Edition Ouya console available to pre-order on Kickstarter

The regular silver Ouya Android console not pressing your style buttons? How about trying on this limited brown metal edition for size?

If you still haven't jumped aboard the Ouya Android games console bandwagon then perhaps the newly announced limited edition brown metal version will help you add to its US$2 million (now US$6 million) kitty on Kickstarter.

With a colour chosen by designer Yves Behar himself, the brown metal edition console is available to pre-order for US$140 and should be out around the same time as the regular silver Ouya console's release in March 2013.

The company has also announced that the Ouya console will be partnering with music content provider Vevo to offer its music hub with the console at launch, in addition to the previously announced On Live functionality.

Check out the Ouya Kickstarter page to add your money to the already gargantuan pile of cash and join us in counting down the months till its release next year.

[Kickstarter via Kotaku]

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