Is Limbo coming to iOS, Android and Windows 8?

The creepy black and white brilliance could be with you on your mobile soon

Limbo was a truly original and beautiful game and it will remain that way in your pocket. According to the Danish game studio’s website it’s hiring in order to port a certain major title (its only major title) to other platforms including, “iOS, Android, Windows 8, browsers and others”.

Originally available as an Xbox 360 Marketplace download, Limbo isn’t averse to modern methods of access. But will the horror platform be as scary on your train to work? And will it be an original mobile version?

We suspect a lights-on environment will be the only place your quivering hands will hold your mobile still enough to play Limbo.  As we find out when and where Limbo is landing, you’ll be the first to know.

[Source: Gamespot]

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