Libratone Live and Lounge AirPlay sound systems speak out

Docking’s dying and Apple’s AirPlay is leading the fight with a pair of new recruits from Libratone

“Where we’re going, we don’t need wires.” Maybe that’s what Doc Brown should have said at the end of Back to the Future. Signing up for that wireless future at Berlin’s IFA show is Libratone, which has just let loose a pair of speakers – the Live and the Lounge – adopting Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming tech.

Libratone Live is a 150W five-amp one-box wireless hi-fi, while Libratone Lounge claims 360-degree sound from a single speaker. Both have FullRoom technology to beef up the sonics, while an app can be used to change the listening dynamics. Both speakers are compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and computers running iTunes.

Libratone Live is £600, while its big brother – the Libratone Lounge – is selling for £1200. The app’ll be available shortly. As, we hope, will a road-going version we can plug into the DeLorean’s dashboard.

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