LG's GD910D watch phone dated for August in UK

After rumours that we'd be seeing it on UK shelves in July, Orange has announced the LG's gadget-tastic G910 watch phone will actually go on sale here

Apparently just one of Orange's new innovative "future phones" over the next 18 months, the GD910 will only be available for a limited time period on pay-as-you-go or SIM free. No contracts here, then.

The watch phone will come with a dedicated Bluetooth headset, in-built speaker and full touch screen interface – not to mention 3G+ and video calling capabilities.

Its launch will be followed by at least three new "market-leading devices" before the end of the year.

Price hasn't been confirmed, but we have heard previously about plans for a price tag around £1,000 contract free. Whether this will happen remains to be seen – we're onto Orange now and will let you know when we do.