LG’s Cinema 3D TVs: passive 3D, take two

LG digs in its passive 3D heels (and says you like it)

Passive 3D’s not as good as active shutter, right? Not according to LG – the gadget giant has just set its stall with a vast range of new passive flatscreen it’s calling Cinema 3D.

It’s a bold move, as passive 3DTVs offer only half of the resolution of their active shutter counterparts when in 3D mode, and LG’s existing passive 3DTV received lukewarm reviews.

But LG says independent research shows almost nine out of ten UK consumers prefer the passive experience. Apparently, a further seven per cent said they’d opt for passive once they discovered the extra costs and hassle associated with active shutter. It seems we think £100 for a pair of glasses is a bit steep, and we can’t be bothered to recharge them.

The Cinema 3D range comprises the LW450U, LW550T and LW650T lines – the first passive LED TVs in the world, if LG has its facts straight. Sizes go from 32in to 55in, and the latter two sport both Freeview HD and NetCast 2.0, LG’s new Smart TV platform.

All models are full HD (1080p) and will have vastly improved 3D capabilities, with zero crosstalk and much less of the screen darkening associated with passive sets of yore. The LW450U line should also be seriously affordable.

Still, LG’s hedging its bets with a range of new active models, including THX-certified 3D plasmas and ‘Nano LED’-backlit LCDs. Something for everyone, then.