LG watch phone – £1,000 a pop

LG's GD910 watch phone was a big draw at CES back in January, and again last week at MWC, where the Koreans showed off its video calling capabilities.

The chaps at Mobile Today have official word that the deal between the Orange and LG has set the price of the novelty phone at a massive £1,000 without contract. If you want to pay monthly for the privilege, you'll need to find £500, plus £40 a month, possibly for two years.

Which begs the question, why? Sure it looks cool and gives you the upper hand in the gadget oneup wars, but at what cost? Surely you'd be better off with a killer smartphone that did all this blower can, and more?

Tell us what you think down below. And check out our first look at the LG watch phone from CES.


LG watch phone

Price: £1,000

On sale: TBA

Contact: LG