LG unveils super thin LW980T Cinema 3D TV

The Korean giant kicks off its IFA 2011 launches with a 26mm thick 3D TV

LG has crammed all of its tricks into one flagship TV with the launch of the LW980T at IFA this year. And we wouldn't expect anything less from a new LG TV than Cinema 3D with full HD 2D and 3D "flicker-free" pictures as well as 2D to 3D conversion. Inside you'll also find BBC iPlayer, blinkbox movies, YouTube and Facebook apps thanks to LG SmartTV with built-in Wi-Fi.

The LW980T sports a Nano Full LED screen so not only does LG reckon you'll get brighter and clearer pictures as a result, it also means the TV is just 26.4mm thick. You get seven pairs of cinema-style 3D glasses in the box plus you can choose from 47in and 55in screen sizes. We're not being given prices or availability yet but the LW980T should go straight to the top of the Christmas list.


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