LG unveils Google TV ahead of CES 2012, UK launch expected 2013

LG shows off its Google-shaped gogglebox in the run up to CES

With three days to go until the doors officially open to CES, LG has confirmed its plans to launch its first Google TV at the world's biggest consumer electronics show. 

LG's Google TV marks a second stab at smart TV for LG – last year it debuted the CES Hot Stuff award winning Smart TV Upgrader STG00.

Now as LG makes its first foray into the Google TV ecosystem, we can expect a fully-featured, high-end television experience thanks to Google's Android OS, coupled with LG's Cinema 3D technology and its own Smart TV platform NetCast.

And with more than 150 apps designed specifically for Google TV, alongside thousands of Android apps, LG's Google TV is bursting with entertainment features. If it dispensed popcorn, you'd probably never leave the house.

LG is also chucking in an Android-based Magic Remote QWERTY, bringing keyboard functionality to its Wii-like remote control – which recently added voice control to its list of features for the ultimate TV viewing experience. 

Google chairman Eric Schmidt previously stated that by the summer of 2012, "the majority of television you see will have Google TV embedded in it". It looks like Google's plan to dominate our living rooms has already begun. 

While LG will be showing off its Google TV at its press conference at CES, it's not expected to launch in the UK until 2013, while a 2012 release date is expected across the pond in the US. 

Google has also told us to watch out for Google TV offerings from the likes of Samsung as well as Sony, which has already dipped its toes in Google TV waters. But who will be the first to launch Google TV here in the UK? Let battle commence. 

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