LG releases Cinema 3D smart TVs

Want to watch footie in 3D with your mates. Spare glasses for LG's new passive range are only £2

The gadget world has been awash with 3D tech being thrust upon us from all directions and LG is the latest company to do the thrusting. The new 2011 range of Cinema 3DTVs are the first flicker-free 3DTVs, according to the manufacturer. LG's LW450U, LW550T and LW650T all work with polarised glasses (the same kind you get at the cinema). These glasses are far cheaper than the battery operated active shutter pairs at just £2 each and LG is throwing in seven pairs with each new set, so big match nights should be sorted straight out of the box. LG claims passive 3D tech is easier on the eyes and isn't subject to flicker and ghosting. We'll see how the new sets get on when we test them.

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