LG Prada II coming next Tuesday

LG's already spilled the beans about the spanking new Prada II. But now they've just confirmed that the phone itself will be hitting these shores next

The follow–up to the much–vaunted touchscreen original Prada phone comes packing a 5MP snapper, a slideout QWERTY keyboard, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, Wi–Fi, an FM radio and expandable memory.

LG's touting it as a 'modern icon of mobile design'. But then they would say that, what with Prada putting up the cash and their previous fashion collaboration being something of a cult classic.

The event will kick off next Tuesday evening at a London nightspot and you can rest assured we'll be swanking it up and getting our hands on one for your viewing pleasure. While you wait in hot anticipation, make sure you get up to speed with LG's latest happenings in our Far East blog.