LG outs its new killer Hi–Fi

LG launched their new mini hi-fi system today, which promises awesome sound for minimum wallet bashing. The £200 FA163DAB is an iPod dock, MP3 s

The £200 FA163DAB is an iPod dock, MP3 system, CD player and FM radio but raises the bar for systems this price through its amazing audio fidelity.

Audio magician Mark Levinson, who was last seen fitting out luxury Lexus cars with state-of-the-art in-car systems, has teamed up with LG to wring the best out of your MP3s.

At a demo in the swanky surroundings of London's Berkeley hotel, Stuff enjoyed hearing bog standard 128k MP3s sound like WAVs, eeking smooth and rounded bass out of a humble 2G iPod Nano.

And just in case you don't believe them, LG provide 4 CDs of demo music with the system ranging from Eva Cassidy's sonorous tones to delta blues to classical guitar.

'If you use a lousy CD you might think the system's lousy' said Mark. So keep that Dirty Pretty Things far away from the LG FA163DAB, eh?