LG outs GM730 smartphone and GD900 fashion mobile

With the Arena now well and truly out in the open, LG has just been bragging about two sharp new handsets, each with a very different phone fanatic in

The GM730 comes packing the same 3D S class interface as the much–hyped Arena, but with trusty Windows Mobile running in the background. For now it's 6.1, but LG has said they'll be bringing a 6.5 version out later in 2009, with Microsoft giving it the thumbs up too.

They're keeping most deets firmly close to their chest, but word is the 11.9mm thin model will be hitting the shelves over the summer.

The GD900 catches the eye thanks to its awesome transparent touchpad, which slides out from underneath a slick screen rammed with that aforementioned 3D interface. The design is sure to make even the trendiest of mobile lovers sit up and start craving.

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