LG Optimus Pad makes public bow

How do you stand out in a crowd of HP TouchPads and BlackBerry PlayBooks? By giving your tablet 3D powers...

To make sure its Optimus 3D smartphone wasn't left standing on its own pretending to check emails at MWC 2011, LG also officially announced the Optimus Pad – the first tablet with 3D powers.

The 8.9in slate sports two 5MP cameras round the back for shooting budget Avatar remakes, though the 3D recording sadly isn't in HD.

You can pipe your three dimensional flicks to a 3D TV via the mini HDMI port, or watch back on the 1280 x 768. It's no Nintendo 3DS though – you'll need glasses for the 3D experience.

Elsewhere, the Optimus Pad matches the HP TouchPad and Motorola Xoom by running Android 3.0, and is powered by the considerable grunt of a 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.

As you'd expect, 3G and Wi-Fi are both on board, and it'll pack 32GB storage. It'll be arriving in the UK a month earlier than its baby Optimus 3D brother in April 2011.