LG Optimus Pad – hands-on

Who needs a 3D tablet, eh? Well, according to LG, you do. We pulled one aside and took some pics. Do we need one?

This is LG's Optimus Pad (formerly known as the G-Slate). It's a Honeycomb tablet. Yes, another one. But LG's done a couple of things differently. Firstly, it's gone halfway between Samsung's Galaxy Tab (7in) and Motorola's Xoom (10.1in) and landed not so neatly at 8.9in. Allow for the Apple iPad's 9.7in and it's hard to argue you haven't got a choice.

Secondly, it does 3D. Not the glasses-free sort seen on LG's new smartphone, the Optimus 3D. This one requires a pair of 3D bins. Which – if we're being honest – is going to make you look mighty odd in Starbucks.

Still, it's there, and the Optimus Pad also has a pair of 5MP cameras on the back so you can shoot 3D movies and pics. There's also a mini HDMI port to export those (or regular 2D stuff) to your TV.

Inevitably (with Samsung's Hummingbird-powered Galaxy Tab 10.1 being the exception) its major hardware engine is Nvidia's Tegra 2. That makes light work of skating around Android 3.0 and we couldn't discern it feeling any extra strain in 3D mode.

LG says the Optimus Pad's size is based on research identifying 8.9in as the optimum tablet size. Whether whatever research told them there's a public crying out for a 3D tablet, only time will tell. And we'll review it in the near future if you're still in doubt.