LG in 'world's biggest LCD’ lunacy

‘Monolithic’, ‘humungous’, ‘colossal’, ‘a space station’. All words – and one loose collection o

‘Monolithic’, ‘humungous’, ‘colossal’, ‘a space station’. All words – and one loose collection of words – that have been used in conjunction with LG’s really rather impressive LCD TV.They said it couldn’t be done. They said you’d be foolish to try, but LG stuck two fingers up at the mysterious, faceless ‘they’ and did it anyway. A 100-inch TV is something to crow about in any case but a 100-inch LCD? The stuff of an AV madman’s dreams, and now – thanks to a Guiness Book of Records ruling yesterday – officially the World's Largest LCD.We saw the LG at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year and were, frankly, blown away, so it’s good to see it get the recognition it deserves. Specifically because of its 6.22-million pixel resolution with full HD-grade picture quality, 1.07 billion colours and zero video distortion.We’ve already carved out a 100-inch hole in the Stuff wall for one.


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