LG HS102 projector heading to UK

LG clearly doesn't want to be left outside the projector party today, with Acer showing off their new K10 number to UK gadget fans. So the Koreans hav

The dinky machine measures just 154x117x50mm and tips the scales at 780g. That makes it slightly plumper than the Acer, but you do get a better contrast ratio with the HS102. 2000:1 to be precise.

You can hook up any USB connected device too and use embedded DivX to beam images from your PMP, netbook or camera. You get a native resolution of 800x600, 4:3 aspect ratio and an LED bulb that LG says won't blow.

The HS102 is up for grabs now. Best take a look and compare it to the Acer K10 first before you buy mind.


LG HS102

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Nokia