LG GW620 Android phone officially outed

It made a rather quiet entrance to the Android clique at IFA, and now the phone formerly known as the LG Etna has been outed officially.The LG-GW620 i

The LG-GW620 is LG's first Android phone, and while its full specs are still underwraps for now, we know it'll come packing a 3-inch touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard.

LG has promised more details closer to the launch, and was keen to reassure customers it wasn't turning its back on Windows Mobile, adding the GW620 was just "one of many" smartphones it has up its sleeve for the future.

In fact, the company has confirmed it will launch a minimum of 13 new WinMo smartphones over the next 16 months.

The LG-GW620 will be available at the end of this year, so keep it locked for more details when we get them.