LG folds its Chocolate

Some like Galaxy, some like Twirl so, like the Willy Wonka of the mobile world, LG has come up with its own new take on Chocolate. While there’s nothing original about the clamshell design of the KG810, the Chocolate hallmarks are there for all to see. Those who take their confection sleek black on the outside with chequer-board grey and black on the inside won’t be disappointed. The only immediate difference from the original is that where that phone slid, this baby flips. With fewer of the glow-red touch-sensitive keys on the outside (three, compared with nine on the KG800), the new model does lose some of that je ne sais quoi LG had the first time round. But there are some new features to get excited about, such as an FM radio, USB drag-and-drop compatibility and, er, that’s it. Which means we’re still stuck with just 128MB of internal memory for the 1.3megapixel camera and onboard MP3 player. Hmm, wake us up when they’ve added a memory card slot.