LG Chocolate 2 – official photos and specs revealed

We knew it was coming, and after numerous leaks of pics and video, LG has finally confirmed some specs for the second-gen Chocolate phone – or t

The bad news is that it's pretty much what we already knew. Of course, the most recognisable feature of the phone is its 4-inch HD screen, complete with 21:9 aspect ratio. This will allow web pages to be read without scrolling and movies to be watched full screen without black bars.

The Dual Screen UI will also allow you to split the screen up and view different content side by side at the same time.

Keeping in line with the previous Chocolate styling, the second-gen handset is black with red highlights, and is overlaid with curved tempered glass to make it hard wearing as well as stylish.

Unfortunately, that's all we've been given to play with at the moment – so the other specs the phone will pack are currently up for discussion.

What would you like to see on the second-gen Chocolate phone? Let us know what you think below.