LG app store landing in UK late 2009

We first heard about LG's plans to launch its own app store last month, and with an Asia launch of the service now set for tomorrow, the company has a

The phone manufacturer is promising that its rather imaginatively named "LG Application Store" will offer 1,400 applications in 15 different languages at launch, at least 100 of which will be freebies.

Debuting in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia first, the plan is for the store to reach Europe and South America by the end of 2009. It's hoped that by this point, the store will feature over 2,000 apps for download.

For now, American LG owners have been left out of the loop as the company is yet to set any plans in stone for the store in the States. This is being put down to the prominence of iPhones and Blackberrys in the region.

We'll be keeping you updated on any news with the UK LG Application Store launch, but until then check out our hands-on video with the LG Crystal, not to mention the mooted teaser vid for the second-gen LG Chocolate.

Via: Reuters